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Twistmas Twees!!!

Twistmas Twees!!!

It’s week two of our Countdown to Christmas here at Beth’s Christmas and we’re continuing to share our stories from Christmas past!  This week it’s my turn to tell one of our favorite funny Christmas stories. This one starts as most stories in our family do... with Mom telling us “get in the car, we’re going on a trip!” 

At the time both Kendall and Ben were attending college in Boone, NC the home of Appalachian State University (an inferior institution compared to the fine academic establishment located in Cullowhee, NC, #GoCatamounts!).  Mom decided it was time to go visit them for the day and to take in the local sights and happenings.  Now, if you don’t know much about Beth, she LOVED to go on road trips to random places.  We’ve been on full day road trips to get lunch, visit a new store, sit at the beach, or just get out for a while.  She read about a restaurant in a small white shack in the middle of nowhere by the coast with delicious soft-shelled crabs that we will still go get lunch from to this day! 

One of the nice things about visiting Boone is the scenery as you travel on US 421 to get to the city.  North Carolina is known for the large number of Christmas tree farms throughout the state.  Most grow the common Frasier Fir species, but many farms carry a wide variety of other tree species for the holidays.  As you climb the mountains vast tree farms sprinkle the rolling hills and around each corner a new farm awaits you. 

Now, Mom, not to let a random car trip get boring, decides to drop her special blend of humor on all of us as we traverse the sweeping hills.  I’m pretty sure both my dad and I were buried in a book, cell phone, or just plain asleep where out of nowhere Mom shrieks out as loud as possible “TWISTMAS TWEES!!!!!” as she cackled with laughter at her own personal game. A bit confused and surprised my Dad and I smirked and shrugged it off. But it continued... around every. single. corner.  We descended into Boone with Mom yelling out, Twistmas Twees! Twistmas Twees, oh look, more Twistmas Twees!!! The giggling increasing as she cried out in excitement about the twees.  

It’s the simple memories that often bring the most joy.  I know this car ride has stuck with all of us and is one of our favorite stories of Beth at the holidays!  Continue to join us every Friday as we share more of our family’s favorite holiday stories in our weekly Countdown to Christmas.  Feel free to share stories of your own families and holiday seasons past in the comments so we can learn more about you as well!   

We’re glad to have you with us, 

Brenton and all of us at Beth’s Christmas

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